4 Tips to Crush your Next Interview

You’ve landed an interview at your dream job, now what? 

You’ve worked hard on your resume, and you finally networked your way to the right person. This is your chance: you’ve got an interview coming.

What now? Wing it and hope for the best?  

Should you leave it up to chance?

Our advice – definitely not.

Here are 4 tips that will help you stand out from the crowd & land the job!

This first tip goes without saying – PREPARE!

  1. Be ready for the interview!

Recruitment agencies often offer coaching this area to get you ready by asking some of those offbeat questions most people are not prepared for.

Those strange, unexpected questions are being asked more and more as a way to test your thought process and your ability to think on your feet.

2. RESEARCH. Get to know the company, what is their mission, what do they stand for. Take it a step further and learn a little more about the individual that will be asking you questions.

If you find common ground or a similarity between you and the interviewer as it helps with the establishment of a rapport and helps to “break the ice”.

3. FIT IN. While qualifications are obviously matter they are not the only reason people get hired on. You want to emphasize and highlight how what you can bring to the table. Share with them in what way your  values and beliefs align with the company (be honest, only say they do if it’s true).

4. FOLLOW UP. After you leave the interview, email a thank you note within an hour.  The follow up in 3 days, and then in a week. Let them see your interest and remind them why you would be an iDEAL fit!

In need of coaching and assistance to find your dream job? Connect with an iDEAL recruitment agency to land the dream job and take the guesswork out of the job hunt!