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Frustrated with hiring candidates who sound great in an interview, only to find out after they accept the position and you perform all onboarding tasks, that they do not possess the right talent for your dept? Skip that hassle and leave that pressure on us. Ask about our FREE 4 hour working interview, which is also completed with our internal hires, as it gives you the opportunity to evaluate a potential candidate’s skills set and personality before presenting a job offer. Reduce your hiring risk with try before you buy.

“Try before you buy” is the iDEAL option for employers seeking to hire permanent employees with the benefit of evaluating a candidate’s performance before bringing them under their payroll. During the temporary period, we cover all payroll costs, payroll taxes, worker’s comp, liability insurance, benefits, paid time off, recruiting costs, screening, reference and background checks. The markup is a small percentage on top of the employee’s hourly pay. Once an employee completes their hours and you are satisfied with their performance, without any additional costs or buy out fees, you can permanently hire that employee.

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