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Do you have 5 employees going on maternity leave at the same time and need temporary  coverage?  I hope not!  But if that is the case, you contacted the right company.  Medical and Maternity leave is one of the most common reasons for hiring temps. Whatever your reason may be for needing temporary staffing, iDEAL can provide you with the answer to ALL your employment needs. Give your business flexibility and a consistent workforce that can supplement short to long-term staffing needs. Let us help build your dream team, whenever you need it, without any burden or liabilities that come with part-time or seasonal employees.

iDEAL covers all payroll costs, payroll taxes, worker’s comp, liability insurance, benefits, paid time off, recruiting costs, screening, reference and background checks. The markup is a percentage of the employee’s hourly pay. Whether you need a temp for a day or a month, there’s no maximum or minimum time you are required to keep a temp. Now let’s say your temp employee completed their hours. You were so pleased with their performance and you want to hire them permanently. iDEAL gives you that benefit without any buy out or conversion fees.

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