At iDEAL PERSONNEL, we make it our business to staff yours. It can be challenging to continuously undergo the constant cycle of recruiting and hiring. That’s why we’re the iDEAL staffing agency. As an award-winning professional staffing firm, we provide talent solutions to our clients through our large network of qualified candidates that specialize in a broad spectrum of industries.


Looking to hire for seasonal needs, or have a big project coming up? Not enough time to go through the normal hiring process and need staff yesterday? Let us provide you with a qualified temp to help save you time and money. Successfully increase your workforce by placing quality candidates in your open positions today!

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Reduce your hiring risk by evaluating your candidate’s performance before making that final decision. Was your employee a match mate? Then they’re all yours! Didn’t like your candidate? No need to worry, we’ll replace any candidate at no additional cost until you find the iDEAL one.

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Direct Hire

Relieve yourself from the time and labor intensive hiring process. iDEAL makes it our business to strategically staff your organization. Whether it’s one person or many, iDEAL gives you access to our large network of quality talent guaranteed to build your dream team.

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